KU Anthropological Genetics Research Facilities

Our research at the University of Kansas is focused on the use of molecular genetic methods to:
Evaluate human and non-human population histories and migration patterns,
Investigate the diversity of fauna recovered from archaeological sites, and
Analyze environmental DNA (eDNA) for paleoecological reconstruction from soil samples.


Our facilities include a molecular research laboratory that focuses on the analysis of genomic variation in contemporary populations, a state-of-the-art ancient DNA (aDNA) cleanroom, and multiple teaching laboratories for molecular methods and traditional osteological and paleoanthropological classes.

We are committed to a research model that emphasizes full collaboration with archaeological colleagues and Indigenous research partners. We prioritize ethical principles and cultural sensitivity in working closely with all partners, from project conception and research design through the interpretation and dissemination of results.

Our Facilities

You can find us in three different laboratories on the KU Lawrence campus, where work is physically isolated to limit contamination between our contemporary and ancient genetic research projects.

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Our Publications

Our publications from the last 5 years

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Our research

Some of our major research endeavors are explained within, to provide an idea of the geographic and temporal range of our human and non-human interests.

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Our researchers

See and read all about the exciting and excited researchers in our group.

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Get in Touch

    Please feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or inquiries. We are particularly eager to hear from potential collaborators, potential graduate or undergraduate students, and any community members interested in or affected by our past or current research projects. This form can also be used for any press inquiries, or if you are interested in making a private or public donation to the KU Anthropological Genetics Research Facilities.