2023 Greatest Hits

In honor of the close of 2023, here are some noteworthy moments from the last year for our research group!

Dr. Lauren Norman went to the community of Old Crow, Yukon to provide updates on her work at Bluefish Caves, during their annual Research Roundup.

Drs. Jennifer Raff and Kristine Beaty were hosted by the University of Oklahoma to participate in a dental calculus metagenome training, funded by CHOMPER: Calculus and Hominid Oral Metagenomes for Pathogen Evolution Research.

Dr. Jennifer Raff was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Alaska Anthropological Association’s Annual meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska.

There was a review of Origin: A Genetic History Of The Americas, Dr. Raff’s first book, in Forbes.

(now Dr.!) Caroline Kisielinski received a prestigious Smith Fellowship .

Dr. Lauren Norman and Beth Potter presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, in Portland, Oregon. Beth also organized and led her session.

A large contingent of our research group participated in the Beringia Symposium hosted by INSTAAR (Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research) and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

At the 92nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Biological Anthropologists, Sarah Unkel presented a poster, and Drs. Jennifer Raff and Dennis O’Rourke were discussants in a session.

Dr. Jennifer Raff had an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle and an essay in Zocalo.

Undergraduate Researchers Madison (Maddy) Rice and Brystol Bates graduated. Maddy has since entered medical school at Oklahoma State University and Brystol accepted a position at the State of Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Our research group participated in the 2nd Annual KU Center for Genomics Research Symposium. Vanna Hay, Sarah Unkel, and Kevin Chovanec presented, and Lydia Sykora won the UpGoer5 challenge.

Dr. Lauren Norman organized and ran a field site at Bluefish Caves in Yukon, Canada.

(now Dr.!) Caroline Kisielinski presented at the 21st meeting of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) in Rome, Italy.

Josie Muskrat, a new graduate student, received a Sloan Fellowship.

Graduate Student Shawna Fitzwater and Undergraduate Researcher Abby Vaughn took part in a field school at the Bender Site in Labette County, Kansas.

We welcomed Josie Muskrat, and a new undergraduate researcher, Maggie Penrod, to the group.

Dr. Caroline Kisielinski successfully defended their dissertation!!!!

Dr. Jennifer Raff gave a talk at NASA.

Dr. Jennifer Raff received the Phi Beta Kappa Society book award for Origin.

Our research up in Bluefish Caves was highlighted in an episode of Ice Age America.

Dr. Lauren Norman’s current and upcoming research at the Bender Site was in the Kansas local news
12 News, Wichita

We (unfortunately minus Jenny!) celebrated our last laboratory meeting of 2023!

(Kevin insists he was happy to be there)

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