The KU Ancient DNA Research Facility is equipped with tablet computers for data access and protocol viewing. The KU Anthropological Genetics Research Facility has a tablet for gel photodocumentation, PCs to control the Nanodrop spectrophotometer and a StepOne Real-Time PCR Systems, and desktop Mac and PCs configured for computationally intensive work, including bioinformatic, phylogenetic, and statistical analyses. All computers have typical statistical and data analysis software for a population genetics facility.

Both facilities share a dedicated bioinformatics core computing resource consisting of a Dell PowerEdge Enterprise Server with AMD EPYC (Naples) cores, 256 GB DDR4 RAM, terabytes of workspace in RAID6, 6TB of scratch NVMe SSD space, and an equivalent amount in dedicated backup. The server is hosted and maintained at the KU Information and Telecommunication Technology Center.

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